Towards Golgotha: Book Launching event on Friday, September 9, 2011 at Haigazian University Heritage Building court, Beirut, Lebanon.

H.E Dr. Tarek Mitri,
former Lebanese minister of information,
addressing the audience.
Dr. Paul Haidostian,
President of Haigazian University,
addressing the public.
Musical Interlude by Shushan Artinian (Cello),
Meghry Baghdoyan and Garine Haidostian (Violin).
Book signing by Dr. Arda Arsenian Ekmekji.
Celebrating a Book in Jerusalem

Celebrating the Book in Glendale Central Public Library, CA. USA Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dr. Arda Arsenian Ekmekji, Author

Mr. Ardashes Kassakhian, Glendale’s City Clerk,
and great grandson of Hagop Arsenian
Front View of the General Public

Back View of the General Public
R/L Elizabeth Grigorian, director of Armenian Outreach at the Glendale Central library;
Frank Quintero, Mayor of Glendale;
and Arda Ekmekji, Author of Towards Golgotha
L/R Arno Yeretsian, (Abrilbooks),
Jacques Ekmekji, Arda Ekmekji,
Elizabeth Grigorian and Ardashes Kassakhian

For the book order of Towards Golgotha, you are kindly requested to visit the Haigazian University Press (HUPress) homepage, and the Bookstores section above.