Now that the world’s turbulent storm has abated and the world war has come to an end and mankind is gradually starting to resume its normal and peaceful condition.

Now that the major powers are gathered in Paris to have their peace talks that would eventually be translated into concrete measures that would safeguard and ensure permanent future, peace and stability.

Now that finally the gloomy, clouded skies have lifted from the much tortured and martyred Armenians and the survivors will shortly have the good fortune of seeing the fulfillment of their long awaited dreams.

Now it is opportune for me to provide a detailed, thorough account of my experiences. For after surviving the deportation, witnessing terrible events as a soldier on the front, and military imprisonment, and after the tempestuous events of the past five years, I am now alive, in the peaceful city of Bethlehem, surrounded by my beloved ones.

Hagop Arsenian
(1880 - 1963)

Hence, now I would like to put into writing the main milestones of my life, from 1900 to this day, especially those bloody events pertaining to the exile and the unending deportation road shared by every uprooted Armenian.

I have great hope that by reading these life memoirs, my children will learn some lessons for the future: namely, instilling in them the desire for boldness and diligence, strengthening their self-confidence as well as sharpening their sense of caution and farsightedness.

It is also hoped that they will learn to scorn injustice and face hardship, never to get discouraged, and become leaders in control of their lives and models of behavior to others.

Hagop Arsenian
May 1, 1919

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