Foreword by Raymond H. Kévorkian
Introduction: Armenia Through the Ages
Prologue: Nicomedia 2002

Part One: Autobiographical Notes,
Deportation Memoirs and Reflections (1880-1919)
Arsenian’s Foreword
Chapter One: Ovajik
Chapter Two: Adabazar
Chapter Three: Izmit
Chapter Four: Izmit-Konia
Chapter Five: Karaman
Chapter Six: Eregli
Chapter Seven: Bozanti-Tarsus
Chapter Eight: Mamura-Amanus-Islahiye
Chapter Nine: Katma-Akhterim
Chapter Ten: Bab
Chapter Eleven: Meskene
Chapter Twelve: Dipsi-Abu Harar
Chapter Thirteen: Meskene-Aleppo
Chapter Fourteen: Jerusalem

Part Two: Diasporal Memoirs: Life in Palestine (1919-1940)
Chapter Fifteen: Bethlehem
Chapter Sixteen: Gaza
Epilogue: Deir Zor 2010
Arsenian’s Time Line
Appendix I - Deportation Proclamation
Appendix II - Sharif Hussein’s Edict

Map 1 Historical Armenia
Map 2 Constantinople - 1922
Map 3 Hagop Arsenian’s Deportation Route
Map 4 Palestine 1922

Hagop Arsenian’s Portrait
Hagop Arsenian’s Foreword
Hagop Arsenian’s Manuscript First page
Vartanian School Certificate - Ovajik
Copy of Istanbul Pharmacy Diploma
Hagop Arsenian’s Adabazar Accounts
Deportation from Izmit - Manuscript p. 36
List of Armenian Prisoners of War – Egypt
List of Armenian Prisoners (Arsenian’s list)
Arev Newspaper Armenian Mass in Gaza
Excerpts from Arev Newspaper - Cairo
Arev Newspaper Patriarch Torkom in Gaza
Pl. I Izmit (2002)
Pl. II Adabazar & Ovajik (2002)
Pl. III Arsenian’s Pharmacy Diploma from Istanbul University
Pl. IV Adabazar-Ovajik 1910 -1913
Pl. V Aleppo 1916
Pl. VI Jerusalem 1916 - St. James Convent
Pl. VII Church of the Holy Sepulchre – Jerusalem
Pl. VIII Palestine 1917
Pl. IX Army Officers - Damascus 1918
Pl. X Palestine 1919
Pl. XI Gaza & Egypt 1923-1939
Pl. XII Arab Conferences and Protests 1929-1931
Pl. XIII Lebanon 1935-1936
Pl. XIV Jerusalem 1920 -1940
Pl. XV Jerusalem 1940
Pl. XVI Jerusalem-Jordan 1956-1957
Pl. XVII Jerusalem-Jordan 1959 -1962
Pl. XVIII Arsenians with Jordanian Minister of Health - 1960
Pl. XIX Jerusalem 1963 - Last pictures of H. Arsenian
Pl. XX Family Reunion - Beirut 1996
Pl. XXI Deir Zor 2010 - The Euphrates and Habur Bridge
Pl. XXII Deir Zor 2010 - Marqade
Pl. XXIII Deir Zor 2010 - Holy Martyrs’ Church
Pl. XXIV Deir Zor 2010 - Genocide Museum

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